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 Convert HTML to XHTML and ASP
Tool to convert from HTML to XHTML and ASP (Beta)
Using the tool you can create interoperable XHTML 1.0 W3C valid Web pages.
It saved me a lot of coding time and of headaches. Enjoy it!
Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional
  Tool Features

Insert HTML:
Options:    Remove Tabs  Remove empty lines  Add VbCrLf  W or Response.Write  Double quotes  & to &
Copy Output To Clipboard
   XHTML and ASP  XHTML only  

'--- Converts HTML to ASP VBscript with Response.Write (selectable).
'--- Converts most of the HTML to XHTML 1.0 W3C compliant code. (Beta)
'--- Converts special characters and symbols (> }, &) to the corresponding HTML entities.
'--- Converts the & character to & HTML entity (selectable).
'--- Converts element and attribute names to lowercase (but not attribute values).
'--- Converts target attribute to javascript onclick and onkeypress events.
'--- Unquoted attribute values are enclosed in quotes. (selectable double """ or single ' enclosing quotes).
'--- Singleton tags like br, hr, img and input are automatically closed (... /> it does not automatically close other tags).
'--- Minimized attributes with no values get values (eg. selected to selected='selected', checked to checked='checked').
'--- The id attribute is added to form elements alongside name attribute (where not already present).
'--- The alt and title attributes are added to img elements (where not already present).
'--- Embedded server code (inside <% ..... %>), if any, is preserved during conversion.
'--- The Document Type Declaration (!DOCTYPE) is preserved character-for-character during conversion.
'--- Obsolete elements like Language='JavaScript' are removed.
'--- Selectable removal of empty lines.
'--- Selectable removal of Tabs (VbTab).
'--- Selectable add of a " & VbCrLf" to the end of HTML lines.
'--- The Tool is entirely coded with Classic ASP.

  NOTE: to replace Response.Write with W the following code should be added to your ASP page:
    Sub W(sText)
      Response.Write sText & vbCrLf
    End sub

  Please report bugs, if any, thanks.

The basic rules that differentiate XHTML from HTML are as follow:
  1. XHTML documents must have the Document Type Declaration (!DOCTYPE) as first root element.
  2. XHTML documents must have the <html> root element.
  3. XHTML elements must be properly nested.
  4. All XHTML elements must be closed.
  5. All attributes must have a value.
  6. Attribute values must be (single or double) quoted.
  7. Tag and attribute names must be in lowercase.
  8. The id attribute must be together or replace the name attribute.
  9. Special characters and symbols must be encoded as HTML entities (included ampersand & as &amp;).


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